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  • Mar 10, 2018
Fitness for the person-video_03 Fitness for the face will help get rid of wrinkles, as well as slow down the process of deformation of the face oval

Fitness for the face, the video of which is presented in the article, is necessary for every woman. Systematic training provides an opportunity to get rid of wrinkles, as well as slow down the process of deformation of the face oval.

Fitness for the person-video_02 Thanks to the facial fitness, you will be able to return the muscles to the elasticity


  • 1 Face-effect effect
  • 2 When should I start?
  • 3 Fitness for the face with Alyona Rossoshinskaya
  • 4 How to do the exercises correctly?
  • 5 Vocabulary for the upper half of the face
  • 6 Vocabulary for the lower half of the face
  • 7 Feysbilding Eugenia Baglyk
  • 8 Basic Principles fitness face of Eugenia Baglyk
  • 9 Exercises for eye contour
  • 10 Lip exercises
  • 11 Exercises to improve the contours of the face
  • 12 Sculptural facelift for the face with Galina Dubinina
  • 13 Упрazhneniya Galina Dubinina

effect of face-fitness

To look younger, women resort to a variety of tricks. The use of numerous face creams designed to moisturize, smooth and nourish the skin with valuable substances, "beauty injections" and facelifts. However, all this in a number of cases gives only a temporary result. Why is this happening? It's very simple: creams have only a superficial effect, while the aging processes are primarily related to the loss of muscle of their original tone. And the muscles, as is known, keep their shape only if they are subjected to regular loads.

Thanks to the fitness for the face, you can restore the muscles elasticity. If you do it regularly, the effect will not slow down: you will look much younger, and therefore more attractive.

Tip! The main thing is the belief in the result. Be sure that you will succeed, and in a few weeks you will begin to receive compliments!

Fitness for the person-video_01 If you exercise regularly, the effect will not slow down: you will look much younger, which means, and more attractive

When should I start?

The golden rule of self-care is: "The sooner, the better."After all, prevention is always more effective than dealing with consequences. As a rule, women do not find time to care for themselves: at first it seems that the first signs of aging are still far away, then too much effort is taken away by work and family. And now the reflection in the mirror ceases to please: wrinkles, nosogubki, crow's feet in the corners of the eyes.

It's best to start fitness training for a person in 18-20 years. Then the effect will gradually accumulate, and by the age of 30 you will look much younger than your contemporaries. The creator of one of the fitness systems for the face, Alena Rossoshinskaya, says that it was necessary to start "already yesterday": the earlier to start the exercises, the more pronounced the result will be. However, it is never too late to start the exercises: in any case, you will quickly notice a positive effect.

Tip! Try to do the exercises while in a good mood. This will make them even more effective.

Fitness for the person-video_12 It is best to start fitness training for a person in 18-20 years. Then the effect will gradually accumulate, and by the age of 30 you will look much younger than the contemporary ones.

Fitness for the face with Alyona Rossoshinskaya

Alena Rossoshinskaya does not promise miracles: you can not win age. In 50 years, no one looks like a young girl. However, if you regularly perform the proposed exercises, even in 80 years you will have a tightened face oval, and saggy cheeks and deep nasolabial folds, on the contrary, will not appear.

Perform exercises regularly: only in this case they will bring the result. Do not forget about the usual care: creams, masks and regular cleansing. In addition, it makes sense to combine fitness with a variety of salon procedures.

Advice! Immediately after completing the selected set of exercises, treat yourself to a cup of coffee or a hot tub. Thanks to this, a positive association between exercises and a pleasant stimulus will form in the subconscious.

see how to do the exercises you can in this video:

How to do the exercises?

To exercise brought the desired effect, you must follow some rules:

  • Work should be the mirror. This will enable you to do the exercises correctly and control yourself;
  • Exercises are performed twice a day: in the mornings and in the evenings;
  • During the exercise, you should concentrate completely on your feelings: you should not be distracted in any way;
  • In case of discomfort, you can not do exercises;
  • It is strictly forbidden to stretch the skin too much: in this case you risk to earn new wrinkles, and not get rid of existing defects;
  • The whole complex should be performed completely even if the exercise affects the areas of the face where there are no age-related changes.

Advice! It is advisable to do exercises in solitude: during the lesson you can look pretty funny.

Fitness for the person-video_11 strictly forbidden too much stretch the skin, in which case you risk to make new wrinkles, not to get rid of existing defects

exercises for the upper half of the face

First of all, it should be slightly warm up: exactly the same as beforeStrength training in the gym. The complex begins with a light scratching of the scalp. It is performed by the pads of the fingers, it should be advancing from the temples and the occiput to the vertex. Exercise will help to cheer up, tune in to the next complex, and also improve the color of your face.

Next, you can begin to activate the body. This exercise is based on oriental medicine: it is believed that biologically active points are concentrated on the human auricle, stimulation of which leads to an improvement in the work of internal organs. Ears should be rubbed and sipped in different directions.

After rubbing the auricles, it is the turn of the eyebrow and forehead exercises. Press your fingers to your forehead and try to frown your brows. In total it is necessary to make 20 such "approaches".Exercise allows you to make the forehead smoother, raise eyelids and tighten existing wrinkles.

To the skin of the eyelids was elastic, it is required to press the pads of the fingers onto the area under the eyes and squeeze as hard as you can. It is necessary to hold out this way for 20 seconds.

Fitness-for-a-person-video_09 Press your fingers to your forehead and try to frown your brows. In total it is necessary to make 20 such "approaches"

Advice! After completing the exercises, apply a tightening or toning mask to the face.

Exercises for the lower half of the face

To restore the shape of the face and prevent the appearance of nasolabial folds, we recommend the following exercise. With force, press the skin of the cheeks with the palms, after that try to inflate the cheeks. After that, with large pinches, go through the cheeks from the corners of the lips to the cheekbones. Do not stretch the skin!

To improve the contour of the lips, imagine that you are pronouncing the "O" sound. Pull your lips forward as much as you can, stay in this position for 40-50 seconds.

You can get rid of the second chin by regularly repeating the next exercise. Place your fists under your chin and lightly press down. At the same time, the head can not be moved. Repeat exercises need 20 times.

Tip! To ensure that the skin and muscles are better supplied with oxygen, it should be practiced in a well-ventilated area.

Fitness for the person-video_10 Firmly press the skin of the cheeks with his hands, then try to inflate the cheeks

Feysbilding Evgenia Baglyk

Eugenia Baglyk created an author's course of exercises for the face, which is very popular among women who want to preserve beauty and youth for a long time. The system has proved itself from the best side: many people note the onset of a fairly rapid effect.

most popular exercises on Evgeniya Baglyk you can see by visiting the YouTube channel of the system author:

regular classes feysbildingom allows to achieve the following objectives:

  • Getting rid of existing wrinkles and preventing the emergence of new ones;
  • Getting rid of "bags" under the eyes;
  • Increased firmness of the zygomatic muscles;
  • Rid of the second chin and nasolabial folds;
  • Create an attractive face oval.

Advice! Do the exercises for your favorite tunes!

basic principles of fitness for the face of Eugenia Baglyk

result of regular exercise, developed by Eugenia Baglyk is achieved due to the fact that the muscles and skin of the face become better supplied with oxygen. This improves muscle tone and improves complexion.

In order to achieve the result it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • Engage must be systematically without delay to exercise then without a good reason;
  • During facial massage, use natural quality oils that do not contain artificial flavors;
  • During exercise and massage, both the face and hands must be cleaned;Exercises should not cause pain and discomfort;
  • Before embarking on facebuilding, you should consult a dermatologist for possible contraindications.
Fitness for the person-video_04 Engage must be systematically without delay to exercise then without a good reason

Tip! If, before embarking on the exercises, you light the aroma lamp, you can combine fitness for the face with aromatherapy!

Exercises for the eye contour

To prevent sagging eyelids and wrinkles under the eyes, it is recommended to perform the following exercises:

  • intensively blink for a few seconds;
  • Make a few circular movements of the head then one, then the other;
  • "Draw" the eyes of the figure eight, while keeping the head still;
  • Press two fingers to the corners of the eye and try to open the eyelids as widely as possible, and then squint. Do not move the eyebrows at this time;
  • Attach two fingers to the corners of the eye. Open the eye as wide as possible, try to see the ceiling, while slightly pulling the lower eyelid downwards;
  • This exercise allows you to enlarge your eyes. Spread eyelids as wide as possible, hold in this position for 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise several times a day.

Advice! When you memorize all the exercises and the need to do them in front of the mirror will disappear, you will be able to engage in facebuilding, taking a bath.

Fitness for the person-video_07 during exercise and massage the face and hands should be washed clean

Lip Exercises

These exercises will help get rid of wrinkles and make the lips more attractive shape.

  • Spank your lips with a relaxed, uttering "P" sound. This is a warm-up that will prepare for the following exercises;
  • Put your palms to the corners of your lips, pressing them tightly. Make a movement, as if sending an air kiss, while the corners of the lips must be fixed;
  • This exercise will avoid omitting the corners of the lips. Fingers raise the corners of the mouth, fix your fingers at the top point. After that, lift the corners of the lips with the facial muscles, resisting the fingers;
  • Open your mouth a little to make it look like an oval. Push the corners of the mouth and fingers to do the movements, imitating the fish: the stretch lips, then immerse them. Only the lips work, the cheeks should be completely relaxed.

Tip! Regularly photograph your face: comparing photos, you can see the results of your efforts!

Fitness-for-a-person-video_05 Exercises should not cause pain and discomfort

Exercises to improve the contours of the face

Thanks to the regular implementation of these exercises, you can prevent age-related deformations of the face oval.

  • To improve the tone of the muscles of the cheeks, the following exercise will help. Pull out your mouth with the letter "O".Place the index fingers in your mouth in such a way as to cover the entire lower dentition. Moving the muscles of your cheeks, try to move your fingers to the tongue. Repeat the exercise several times;
  • To form a beautiful line of cheekbones, extend the mouth with the letter "O", and place your index fingers under the upper lip at a small angle. Lower your fingers, moving the muscles of the upper lip. You should feel the tension around your nose: this is a signal that the exercise is being performed in the right way;
  • This exercise also helps to form beautiful cheekbones. Pull out your mouth with the letter "O".Stand in front of the mirror, try not to help yourself with your fingers, pull the zygomatic muscles to the eye area. Corners of the mouth should not work.

Advice! Take care of your skin carefully: facebuilding is not a strength training. Stretch the skin in any case should not be.

Fitness for the person-video_08 Before starting facebuilding, you should consult a dermatologist for possible contraindications

Sculptural facelift for a face with Galina Dubinina

Thanks to a set of exercises from Galina Dubinina, you can refuse plastic surgery and expensive salon procedures: many women, Which deal with this system, note a fairly rapid and noticeable effect.

The basic idea of ​​facelifting is to act on the deep layers of the skin, thanks to which the effect of rejuvenation occurs. The complex of exercises does not have contraindications, so any woman can engage in facelifting regardless of age and state of health. In addition, facelifting has a general strengthening effect on the body as a whole, which distinguishes it from other fitness rejuvenation systems.

You can see how the exercises are performed in this video:

Advice! If you have recently performed a plastic surgery, postpone the training for six months.

Exercises of Galina Dubinina

To prevent sagging of the neck skin, it is necessary to do such exercises:

  • Lie on your back. Raise your head up as much as you can. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times;
  • Accept the "embryonic" posture by pulling your knees towards you. Quit for one minute.

To get rid of the second chin:

  • Throw your head back, trying to touch the tip of your tongue to the chin;
  • Open your mouth, move your tongue forward first, then upward.

These exercises must be repeated 15-20 times.

To strengthen the eyelids:

  • Raise your eyebrows, look up. Start blinking the lower eyelid, counting to twenty;
  • To get rid of wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, stretch your eyes to your temples and blink for a couple of minutes.
Fitness for the person-video_06 The basic idea of ​​facelifting is to act on the deep layers of the skin, thanks to which the rejuvenation effect takes place.

To give the cheeks tone and firmness:

  • Push forward the lower jaw. Place the lower lip on the upper lip, then swap them. Repeat the exercise 20 times;
  • Squeeze your lips as hard as possible, squeeze the corners with your fingers. Begin to strain and relax your lips. It is necessary to make 20 such "approaches".

To improve the face oval:

  • Smile 20 times. Put your finger to the tick above the upper lip and smile 16 more times;
  • Press the upper lip with your teeth and smile 16 more times.

Tip! Believe in yourself! You can achieve any goal, if you want it for real.

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