Breast engorgement in breastfeeding: treatment of seals and cones in a nursing mother during lactation

  • May 22, 2018

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  • 1. What is breastfeeding?
  • 2. How to prevent swelling?
  • 3. Why does compaction occur with steady lactation?
    • 3.1. What if I have lactostasis?
  • 4. How is the seal treated?
  • 5. What kind of treatment is contraindicated in lactostasis?

Compaction in the chest occurs due to the obstruction of the milk ducts. Painful symptoms when touching a specific place on the breast help a woman to quickly find a seal. There is no health hazard in it, but if everything is left to its own devices, the situation may worsen and it will be necessary to resort to serious treatment of the disease. You can not start the process, it's better to take the necessary measures in time.

Seal in the chest Seal can not be triggered, otherwise serious health problems can not be avoided.

What is breastfeeding?

The process of breast engorgement is the overcrowding of the mammary glands with milk. Expressed in the hardening of the chest and accompanied by pain syndrome. R

agging brings discomfort not only to the mother, but also to the baby. Swelling, the chest increases, the halo around the nipple flattened, the child can not then grab him with sponges, in the mouth to him gets only the nipple. The process of sucking is distorted, since the baby needs to be pressed on the sucking space to squeeze milk from the nipple. Tearing the nipple, the kid continues to stimulate the milk's arrival, but the milk itself does not go away in sufficient quantities. Swelling intensifies, from him mother and child suffer.

If initially, after the birth of the baby, the mother will do everything competently, the unpleasant problem can be avoided. Observe simple rules:

  • is always near the child;
  • feed the baby, when he asks for a breast and not for a strict watch;
  • correctly serve the crumbs of the chest;
  • , make sure that the baby grabs the nipple and the circle around it correctly.
Faced with excessive swelling of the breast in hospital conditions, use an electric breast pump that will remove excess milk and the sucking halo will soften. This method will quickly remove minor seals.

Mom should know that in the first week after childbirth, the milk stays intense. The child needs to suck your breast at a high speed. When the baby is a little unable to cope, the mammary gland swells, but if you follow the proper execution of the process, the swelling will not happen.

Breast-feeding There is a lot of milk feeding during the first week, so mom needs to follow up so that the baby completely absorbs the breast

How to prevent swelling?

A strong inflow of milk can begin on the 3-4th day. Many women complain that after a dream they feel how the breast became stone. While in the maternity hospital, immediately ask staff to give you an electric breast pump to remove excess fluid. Your actions will help to prevent the progressive formation of lumps. A deep study of roughness showed that warm compresses, which our grandmothers and mothers were actively saving, aggravate the ailment. It is better to put cold compresses. When applying ice, lay a cloth flap between it and the skin. Do the procedure until you feel that the swelling has gone to a decline and the baby is easily sucking milk.

To stop the painful transformation of swelling into engorging the forces of each lactating woman. When taking a shower, hold the breast under warm water or dip it into a basin filled with water. Put warm 10-minute compresses before feeding the baby or before pouring. Simple procedures stimulate the production of milk, the child is easier to extract and the chest is emptied completely. Touch the dark circle around the nipple before feeding: if it is too hard, squeeze out a small amount of milk. The circle will soften and the baby will grab it well.

Missed the time and swelling acquired signs of roughness - resort to compresses with something cold. Put them between the feeds: the ice will muffle the pain and reduce the area of ​​hardening. Buy breast pump( better electrical), consult a lactation specialist, he will correct your mistakes in feeding the baby to the breast. Choose a comfortable bra, so that he would support the chest well, but did not embarrass her. Try to fully rest.

Bra after childbirth Comfortable bra helps to maintain breast health and is one of the ways to prevent seals

Why does the seal occur with steady lactation?

Lactostasis becomes the main cause of lactation formation when milk stagnation is formed due to the closure of the milk duct. The arising problem requires medical intervention, it can not be solved on its own. If you refuse treatment, the process goes to mastitis. The disease is dangerous because it has an infectious component that may require surgical intervention. Other causes of compaction:

  • Taking the baby from the nipple before he releases it.
  • Close uncomfortable underwear, tight bra, frequent abdominal position during sleep lead to chest squeezing, provoking milk stagnation.
  • Breast support during breastfeeding. Mom creates pressure on the area of ​​the mammary gland, preventing normal discharge of fluid.
  • Long-term breaks between feeds increase the amount of milk, which leads to swelling of the glands.
  • Incorrectly organized feeding process. The kid is not properly attached to the chest and grabs it. Mom should watch out for the crumb lying on his side, pressing his tummy to her. The kid should firmly hold the nipple and okolososkovoye space, do not let him turn his head, so that he sucks all evenly. Do not press your chest with your hand. Try to change the posture during feeding, so that the baby chooses milk from the entire inner space of the breast( we recommend reading: postures for breast-feeding).
  • Excessive volume of arriving milk and a narrow lumen of the ducts.
  • Abnormal abnormalities in the development of the nipple( flat, retracted).
  • Injuries and contusions of the mammary glands, resulting in the formation of a hematoma. The accumulation of blood clogs the duct and presses on it.
  • Too much physical activity.
  • General fatigue, stressful situations, constant lack of sleep.
  • The sudden cessation of breastfeeding.

To avoid the appearance of unpleasant symptoms, you need to prepare the breast in advance for lactation and monitor any changes in the condition.


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What if I have lactostasis?

It is difficult to notice the onset of compaction formation. Laktostaz declares itself pain, felt when touched to the chest, when it is firmly entrenched in the duct. Feeling a sick gland, you can find a hardened ball. Note that the skin under which the compaction is located reddens and becomes inflamed. The general condition of the nursing woman worsens, there is a fever and a chill. Quickly, fatigue sets in.

Having noticed the given signs of lactostasis, it is necessary to begin treatment immediately. Doctors do not advise to quit breastfeeding with lactostasis - just express milk to reduce the spread of stagnation( we recommend reading: how to express breastmilk properly when stagnation?).

If you do not timely cope with nagging, it will become severe, reinforced by infection, and will move into more dangerous mastitis. Symptoms of the disease will also increase. Febrile will appear, fatigue will increase, there will be a headache and chills.

If you notice that the inflammation is located under the arm, then lymph nodes know about yourself. Lymphonoduses of a healthy person do not become inflamed until bacteria and other harmful microorganisms gradually accumulate in them, which gradually accumulate in the body. Inflammation of lymph nodes is caused by trauma, infection, poor quality personal hygiene. The fight against the disease consists in the destruction of the supplier of infection. It is impossible to break the lymph nodes. An ultrasound is performed, and tests are performed to help determine an effective method of treatment.

Ultrasound of the mammary glands Before the appointment of treatment, ultrasound is performed, in which the diagnostician can accurately see the area and extent of the lesion.

How is the compaction treated?

Therapeutic therapy of lactostasis is aimed at stopping the formation of lumps. Mom should often give crumbs to the diseased breasts. When the child sucks, gently massage the problem area. After completing the feeding, apply a cold compress on the hardened area, which helps to expand the ducts.

  • Stasis is removed with a conventional cabbage leaf. Remove the leaf from the head, rinse it, beat it to isolate the juice, attach it to the sore spot. Cabbage juice has medicinal properties that can dissolve hardening. Apply cabbage for the night, and remove after you wake up. Suitable for this procedure are the leaves of the mother-and-stepmother.
  • To soften the engorgement and expand the ducts, compresses from grated carrots and beets will help. Effective means for stopping engorgement is a gruel, prepared from baked onions and diluted with a small amount of linseed oil and honey, which should be applied to the hardened place for 3 hours.
  • Pain syndrome and stasis is removed with a specially prepared test. Mix rye flour with milk and melted butter, mix a small cake and put it on a sore spot.
  • In the afternoon use a gauze wrap with Malavit.

Cream Malawit

Milk stone formation does not require the completion of breastfeeding. Having taken the baby from the chest, you will only worsen the situation, bringing it to infectious mastitis. A little trick will improve your condition: place the crumb at feeding so that its chin touches the hardened area of ​​the chest. The child will give you a therapeutic massage. Reduce the amount of liquid you drink during stagnation, but do not completely abandon drinking. The abundant supply of fluid, like its deficiency, will complicate the inflammatory process and lead to an increase in the hard cones.

What kind of treatment is contraindicated in lactostasis?

  • For a long time, warming compresses have been used to eliminate stress. Some women made compresses on alcohol. Such treatment only aggravates the course of the process. Compresses on vodka and alcohol are blocking the release of oxytocin, a hormone that removes milk from the chest. The lack of oxytocin leads to the fact that the milk is released badly, the child does not eat, the iron swells.
  • Massage against mastitis is a gross mistake. Some mummies even find specialists for such a massage, but it is not enough to massage the breast. Perhaps a little stagnation and pushed, and you will feel relief, but a strong depression on the mammary gland can lead to squeezing its duct and forming new cones. There will be their clogging in different places at once, which, naturally, will complicate the situation. In addition, by massaging the chest, you help the infection to capture all of its parts.

If you are stubborn and think that you will cope with the problem yourself, think carefully about your decision. After trying all the folk methods, you have not received any visible improvement, run to the doctor. Running nagrubanie and the appearance of cones, you can damage your health. In addition, taking the baby from the breast, you deprive him of the best nutrition that the baby needs for proper development, growth and the creation of a strong immune defense.


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