How to choose a haircut with a bangs?15 options

  • Jun 01, 2018

Haircuts with bangs include a number of very beautiful and stylish hairstyles, from which either of you can pick the right option.


  • Short hairstyles with bangs
  • Fringers on medium hair
  • Long hair with bangs
  • What bangs is right for you?
  • Hair styling

Short hairstyles with bangs

A bang in a duet with short strands opens an endless sea of ​​possibilities. It is with this length that you can make the most amount of beautiful and stylish haircuts. Choose to your taste!


Short square with bangs - this is one of the most popular and favorite options. And it's not just the outer beauty of this hairstyle, but also the various styling that can be done.

Girls with straight hair perfectly suits quads with geometric or oval lines. The bangs must be thick - this is the main requirement. But its length depends only on your preferences. Owners of wavy strands can make a retro style in the style of the 60's. In this case, the ends are wound with an iron in elastic curls or a large wave, and the roots and bang are left even.

Short haircuts with bangs

Fringe on short hair

Layered haircut

A layered short cascade is the ideal way to give a fine head of hair or thickness. The main advantage of layered haircuts is their versatility. In addition, they can be supplemented with a fashionable and beautiful bangs - straight, oblique, profiled or ultra short.

Layered short haircut

Layered haircut with bangs

Short hairstyles punk

Do you want to catch the interested looks on yourself every now and then? Then a haircut in the style of punk - this is exactly what you need! The technology of its implementation almost completely reveals the back of the head and whiskey - strands are sheared under the machine( you can shave only one temple).As for the vertex, the hair in this zone should be shaped like a wave or mohawk. To focus on an elongated bang, it is dyed in a contrasting hue and laid in an intricate way.

Haircut punk


This is one of the most fashionable haircuts of the last decade. It was brought into use by Audrey Hepburn himself, appearing in the film "Roman holidays" in a completely new guise. Among the advantages of pixy can be attributed to the styling - simple and varied. Sometimes it is enough to comb your hair with your hands to get a stylish and incredibly beautiful image! The pixy is best combined with a long oblique bang, but a very short version of it is also appropriate.

Pixie haircut

Pixie haircut with bangs

And how do you like this option with an elongated bangs?

Haircuts with a bang in the grunge style

Fashion trends of this season suggest making a look of a touch of bold novelty. Hairstyles in the style of grunge will play in a new way, if you lay down with the help of modeling tools. You can make any styling - a slight mess, deliberate negligence or daring ruffiness. Suitable for this haircut and light perm. She will lift the hair at the roots and make the grunge truly voluminous and refined.

Grunge in grunge style

Hat or page

Another greetings from the past, which does not lose its popularity even in the 21st century. A hat is recommended to be done on a straight and fairly thick head of hair. Its outlines can be either smooth or completely sloppy. To a bang also there are no very strict requirements. If before it was exceptionally thick, reaching up to the eyebrows, now it is increasingly possible to see an asymmetric variant.

Haircut pages

Haircut in the style of the page


Bob is another favorite of the 2016 season. Working with this hairdo does not take much time - in just 5 minutes you can make either a neat pile or a creative mess. Bob perfectly blends with an oblong bangs. Its length often reaches the level of the chin and smoothly merges with the total mass of the hair. Drooping strands beautifully frame the outline and create a romantic and incredibly gentle image. If desired, you can make and textured bangs. It looks good on any strand structure.

Haircut bean

Grooming Bob-kar

Fringe for medium hair

Medium hair owners can also look at different haircuts with bangs. They will be able to emphasize your femininity and softness.

Extended Bob-Kara

This classic of the genre, which has remained popular for several seasons. Bob-kara is in harmony with a straight or sloping bang on the side. A real masterpiece will be a combination of perfectly straight bangs with curly hair.

Extra long bean stand


The fashion for this hairstyle was brought by Mireille Mathieu. Although many years have passed, the popularity of this haircut only grows and grows. The main requirement for creating a page is the presence of a straight and thick head of hair. A good stylist can diversify the classical form by adding it with ragged edges or short strands trimmed with steps.

The hairstyle of the page is long

Page on elongated hair

Ragged haircuts with bangs

Perhaps, they are the most ranked. When creating these hairstyles, the ends of the strands are cut with a razor. It seems that they were specially interrupted! However, for a thin head of hair this option will be unsuccessful. A ragged haircut with a textured bang, which can be emphasized by melioration, is suitable only for owners of thick mop. By the way, for a round face it is better to make a slanting bangs - it will cover your cheeks.

Torn haircut with bangs

A scaffold

A scaffold is a versatile hairstyle that fits all facial shapes. It smooths the angularity of the features, lengthens the face and makes it thinner, attracts all attention to the eyes, gives the volume to thin strands.

The hair on the ladder has a different length, but the difference between them is not significant. Depending on the bangs, this haircut can have a completely different appearance:

  • A straight fringe is the most popular type, covers a large forehead, visually narrows wide cheekbones, hides wrinkles;
  • Slanting bangs - a ladder with a fringe bang will be a real salvation for women with thin strands;
  • Ragged bangs - will complement the ragged hairstyle and emphasize the stylish youth image;
  • Strip bangs - its tips curl a curl, which makes the whole image very soft and soft.

Cutting ladder with bangs


Women's cascading haircuts with bangs - a no-lose option for any type of face. If you have an oval face, stop on the oblique bangs, dropping to one side and completely opening the second one. Another possible option is a triangular bang. Girls with an elongated face recommend cutting a straight and long bang. With a rectangular or square face with high cheekbones, we recommend giving preference to a thick bang combed to the side. And that, and another, and the third is to look at coloring or highlighting in the face.

Haircut cascade

It is very important to know what kind of bangs are right for you. Do not know? See video:

Variant for long hair

It's not necessary to make a bang on long hair, but if you really want to change something in yourself, check out these photos and choose your own haircut option.

Long cuts with a straight cut

In this case it is necessary to stop on the classic straight bang. But with a long bang on the side, smoothly turning into the bulk of the hair, this hairstyle will look the same.

Long haircuts with a straight cut


The brightest trend of the season - a haircut cap hair. This is a two-level hairstyle, the top layer in which is cut according to the principle of beans, quads or ragged gradations. The transition from one layer to the second can be both sharp and smooth.

The cap perfectly fits the thin strands, as it makes the long hairstyle more voluminous. It looks great both in straight and curly locks. The main thing is that they are shiny and healthy. The shape of the face also does not matter much. If you want to keep the length, make a thick bang, the temporal zones are trimmed with a cap, and the strands on the sides and behind are steps. And here's another extravagant option: decorate with a cap a bang, which then goes to the line just below the ears. Only the locks on the back of the head remain long. A torn cap will be obtained by processing its tips with a razor. With her harmonizes a thick and straight bangs.

Cap for long hair

Grooming the cap on long hair


This model is often chosen by women with a triangular, square and round face shape, because the ladder allows you to hide all the flaws appearance. It will smooth out sharp corners, cover wide cheekbones and an excessively high forehead, give a good volume. A bang can be any - depends only on your tastes.

Grooming a ladder for long hair


Cascading haircut with bangs for long hair is now at the height of fashion. The choice of bangs in this case is quite large - it all depends on the density and structure of the strands, as well as on the shape of the face. So, chubby little girls are advised to stay on a cascade with a bob bang. He will smooth out the excessive roundness and make the face more elongated. For a rectangular shape, you need a straight bang - thick or profiled. A short asymmetrical fringe focuses attention on the eye and eyebrows, and triangular on the bridge of the nose. The cascade allows you to cut the tips of the tips, keeping the desired length of hair. In addition, it facilitates the weight that gives long hair. The multilayeredness of this haircut gives lightness and liveliness to heavy strands.

Cascade for long hair

Asymmetric haircuts

Asymmetric hairstyles with bangs - this is a flight for fantasy! You can limit yourself to asymmetry in the upper part of the head, when the left side is longer than the right side, and you can continue it along the entire length. Dilute the fashion image of a bang that fits your style and type of face. Asymmetry allows any experiments, so you can create a unique image, relying on your tastes and feelings. Enhance the effect of an interesting coloring. The only requirement is that strands for asymmetry must be perfectly even.

Long asymmetrical haircut

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Laying hairstyles

To haircut with bangs always been perfect, learn how to stack it:

  • curly bangs need to align utjuzhkom daily. If you are not ready for this, give up this idea altogether;
  • The bangs fit well and without special piling. In some cases, it will require a hairdryer and a brush;
  • Forget about the bumps in this zone! The fashion for splendor in the forehead area has long since passed;
  • During laying, replace the varnish with a light mousse;
  • Women with oily hair will have to make a lot of effort to ensure that their bangs are always neat;
  • Do not make spontaneous decisions - contact a stylist who will advise you the best option;If
  • gathered to cut bangs do, do it on wet hair and remember that they are highly jump when dry;
  • Do not make tall straight bangs for tall girls. But the low young ladies should give up the volume in this zone.

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